United Cerebral Palsy of Stanislaus County is a
non-profit organization advancing the independence, productivity and full citizenship of persons with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.


The vision of United Cerebral Palsy of Stanislaus County is to become the premier charitable and expert organization in Central California providing the most innovative and supportive programs in order  to improve the quality of life for persons with  intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities and their families.



Each day is one of discovery and activity. Our participants, (adult members with varying disabilities) enjoy many activities that stimulate and enhance their experience in the program.  
Point/Central Connections is a center-based program where members have the opportunity to interact socially with others each day. Members work on skills such as self-advocacy, independent living skills, soft job skills and mobility each day. During daily focus classes members are able to express their own ideas and creativity through a variety of activities. Through the use of adaptive technology, members improve communication and interaction with each other and their community.
Central Connections/Expanding Horizons is a community-based learning and integration experience. Members are in the community each day and interact with others in the community. Skills such as, personal safety, mobility training, advocacy, vocational exploration, self-sufficiency, and use of community resources are provided through this service. Members of this program participate in community service activities, attend social outings, maintain a community garden and stay healthy by participating in various recreational activities.


Members with disabilities who want to work are served through this program. Job training is provided by staff and guest or contracted professionals to individuals identified with the need of improving their skills in a particular employment field. Employment opportunities are available through one of four work crew assignments: janitorial, bus bench maintenance, landscaping and recycling. Opportunities for individual job placement in the community are available for members who are identified as prepared and more independent.


Since 1979, UCP has been creating opportunities for persons with all types of developmental and physical disabilities to grow and thrive in the community. The Sips & Treasures annual event was introduced in 2017 to invite community support in our efforts to raise funds for the organization’s programs. Through our programs and services, we offer individuals the tools and support to pursue living a life without limits.


It will be an evening of live music, wine tasting, brewery fresh pours and a succulent array of hors d’oeuvres. There will be an enticing array of silent auction items that will have you vying for the top bid spot! 


Back by popular demand, a gallery featuring the artistic creations of our UCP Members! Our talented members produced incredible designs to raise funds at the event. We are proud to announce Brent Whisenhunt from Turlock Day Programs, as the winner of this year’s Sips & Treasures art contest. His colorful pineapple masterpiece is displayed throughout all the event materials.

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